Rookie Information & Help

At HQMA we are always excited to welcome new families into our track and our club. We encourage anyone with even a small bit of interest to come out to our race track and see what it is all about. But beware what you will find is exciting and pretty addictive! If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

Engine Builders that some of the club members use Jeff Lederer at & Baker Racing Engines You could see them onsite at some of the National Events!

Rookie Information


Here are just a few benefits for the kids:

• It is a family sport, few other sports permit all members of the family to participate as much. The kids drive, the fathers are the pit crew and chief mechanics, and the mothers do all the scoring and timing of the cars and operate the concession stand.

• It teaches the meaning of sportsmanship. They learn to compete fairly and to be a good winner and a gracious loser.

• It develops coordination, a sense of timing, and the ability to plan ahead.

• It teaches self-reliance. Once the green flag drops they are on their own.

• They develop knowledge and an appreciation for mechanical devices.

• It teaches safe driving and develops driving skills. Very few people ever develop the skill that these children develop. We believe this level of skill will be invaluable as adult drivers where they will have the instinct developed to do the right thing in the unforeseen situations we all encounter.

• It develops a sense of responsibility. Alertness and concern for the safety of others is acquired.

• It gives the drivers a well-earned right to a sense of pride of accomplishment. They stand just a little taller and are a little more confident after becoming a Quarter Midget Driver.